She’s alive!

Well, now. Lots of things have been going on and I’m trying to settle back into a routine, which includes getting back on track with my Blog. Of course, as soon as I get it all worked out, we’ll be moving and it will upset my schedule again.

My mom was here for a week and a half — it was great having her here! Not having any family around, I have become used to not having help with Bruce, but having my Mom here made a world of difference! We went to the cottage for a few days, then hung around here for a few days and then she had to go back. She had a great time with B, and he was pretty cranky the day after she left, so I’m sure he was missing her too.

While she was here we bought a house. Yeah, that quickly. We were half-heartedly looking, just trying to get a feel for the market, when the perfect house popped up. It was vacant already so we felt we had to jump at the chance. It’s going to be pretty tight for us over the next few months, but it will be worth it in the end.

It’s a three bedroom, two bath backsplit (I think they call it a multi-level in the States? I’m not sure) with a huge rec room, nice big eat-in kitchen, formal dining room (which I’ll probably make into something else), and a living room. Not to mention lots of basement storage too and a cedar deck. We’re so excited!

Buying a House.

Wayde and I are looking for houses. At first, Wayde wasn’t too sure about the idea and wasn’t as into it as I was, but now I think he’s just as excited. I figure we need to get one because we should start building equity in something and it would be nice to have our own place.

It’ll be kind of tough to leave the co-op, but on the other hand there are some things I won’t miss. If we move into a house, it will probably be in this area, so we’ll keep the few friends we have here and be without the annoyances of actually living here. Best of both worlds.

The politics of living in the co-op suck. If you are the kind of person that never volunteers for anything, everyone leaves you alone and might opt to talk about you behind your back, but more likely will just ignore you. If you’re the kind of person that volunteers for things, then you’re more likely to be talked about — someone is going to have a problem with you. So, you can’t win. You volunteer and someone gets pissed because you couldn’t help them out on X Event or whatever. We do have lives but we also give whatever time we can to help out. It’s retarded.

We moved here to be in a community. Make friends. Too often you move to a new neighborhood and don’t know your neighbors. We’ve lived here for about 2 years and have one pair of friends we hang out with regularly. Everyone else is the kind of friend you say “hi” to once in a while, or maybe chat as you’re out for a walk. And then there’s Carrie, but that’s a whole different story — I just have to make sure she doesn’t walk all over me. She’s got a very, um, forceful personality. I’m the opposite.

Back on topic… We’ve been looking at houses in the area for about 3 weeks or so now. We’re going to go take a look at one tomorrow. It meets all of our criteria, but the one thing it’s somewhat lacking is that it’s as far out as we’d possibly want to live. But, if it’s nice enough, we’ll go for it. We want a big (finished) rec room, 3 bedrooms, and two bathrooms. We also want at least one other room for our computer room if the rec room isn’t big enough to hold both the home theater and our desks, a living room and an average size dining room too.

It was great!

We visited Wayde’s parents this weekend in Lapeer, Michigan. It was a surprise visit so they weren’t expecting us. Wayde took the day off “sick” (which is why this is in the Members Only area, heh) and we drove over just in time to arrive as April got home. Wayde’s dad was home already, cutting the grass. They were really happy to see us.

We got Bruce’s birth certificate, finally, which meant we could cross the border with no hassle. Unfortunately, Porter had to stay home because we didn’t have his shots up to date, something I need to remedy ASAP.

Wayde’s dad is hilarious. He has certainly changed a lot since I’ve come to know him, and I think most of the changing has been done since his grandkids were born. Friday night after we got there, he was acting like a little kid, getting out neat and interesting things to see if Bruce would take an interest in them. A small harmonica, a pen light, a flashlight, you name it. It was pretty cute. He also took Bruce in the back yard and walked around with him for a bit too, which I thought was very sweet.

I’m glad we made the trip to see them. It was a pretty nice weekend overall.

Wayde’s World Weblog

I’ve got a new weblog for y’all to peruse. I helped Wayde out with his pMachine installation and setting up the layout (with random styles, how cool is that?!). So head on over to Wayde’s World Weblog and say Hi.

I’ve sort of been bugging him for a long time to have a weblog. He was very hesitant to “jump on the bandwagon”. But I told him, many times, that he would probably actually have an interesting weblog. He always has interesting things to say (um, I’m probably a little biased) and I know I would enjoy reading it. Plus, he’s always writing articles and posting them on his website, this would be an easy way to manage them — rather than hand-coding (or even using FrontPage) the HTML.

His latest post includes pictures of our local take on the power outage that occured on Thursday. He loves the night mode on the camera. 🙂

Bad bad dog!

Poor Porter is starving for attention. He let me know by getting into some stuff (peanuts off of the counter) while I was out taking Bruce to his appointment today. Along with the peanuts I found parmesan (unopened thankfully), plastic wrap (who knows where he got it, probably the recycling bin) and a sock.


Bad dog!

My mom is coming!

I can’t wait for my mom to get here. She’s coming on September 5th, which just so happens to be my birthday too. 🙂 I’ll be picking her up from the airport in Buffalo that afternoon and then driving back to Waterloo. Wayde’ll watch Bruce that afternoon — he got the day off so that I wouldn’t have to drive 2+ hours with a cranky kid in the back seat. Man, that would be Hell. Plus, we don’t have his birth certificate yet and I wouldn’t want to try crossing the border without it. We’ve already been waiting two months for it…but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Damn government red tape.

Anyway, it will be really nice to see my mom again. She hasn’t seen Bruce since he was a week old, so I know she’s going to be really happy to see him. We’ll go up to the cottage for a few days while she’s here, and that will be fun.

Plus, it’ll be nice for me to have another adult (besides Wayde) to talk to for once. It gets pretty damn lonely not having any friends. That’s the price you pay for staying at home with your kid I guess. You’d think, in a co-op, that there’d be plenty of opportunity to make friends. I guess there is, but other people have lives too, and the friends I have are too busy (even though they are SAHM’s too).

Yep, I really am a geek.

So Wayde and I are being irresponsible. We decided that on the Irresponsibility Scale of 1 to 10, it’s about a 5 — not as bad as showing up to work drunk and accidentally breaking the domain controller, but worse than forgetting walk the dog.

We’re both getting new computers. Kick-ass ones at that. With the prices of systems coming down these days, well, we figured we had better get on it right away if we’re going to make any money selling off our old ones. We have four computers, Wayde and I each have one and we have two extra set up in the basement for gaming/learning/etc. We’re selling the two in the basement, plus selling Wayde’s, and putting that money back on the credit card. (Yay, Airmiles!)

Wayde, of course, is keeping his kick-ass video card I got him a few weeks ago. But he needs a new monitor so we’re getting him a 19″ Samsung flat-screen that’s on special. I don’t need a monitor, I’ve got a cool 19″ Viewsonic, but I do need a video card so I’m getting one of those — the same exact one Wayde has, cuz it’s cool.

Both of our systems are basically the same:
NVIDIA Geforce4 – 128M and damn near the best out right now
Asus A7V8X-X motherboard – new nForce chipset that’s supposed to be awesome
Athlon XP CPU – 1.8G, overclockable
40G HD 7200RPM

The only real difference is that Wayde is getting a DVD drive and I’m getting a DVD/CDRW. We figure we only need one and I’m selling my old external USB CD-RW (link is to the internal one, but it’s the same model).

My computer is going in the basement. We’ll be using it as a “server” of sorts. I’ve got two 20G hard drives and we already use the second for storage, so we’ll continue to do that but it will now also serve as an extra gaming system and system for learning on.

Speaking of learning… I installed VMWare on my system the other day (after reloading the whole damn thing) and successfully installed RedHat 9 through it. VMWare rocks! If you ever want to test out an OS, but don’t want to go through the hassle of dual-boot, use VMWare. It’s cool. So anyway, I installed RedHat and since it’s basically running at the same time XP is running, I can pop out of it and surf Google for any questions I might have, and believe me, I’ve already had quite a few.

Maybe that geek test was right.

The haps.

Baby Bruce is here!!

Most updates will be taking place on his site, since I have little time to do anything else these days. He’s feeding like a madman — he’s gonna grow up to be a great hockey player! 🙂

Who’s ready for the playoffs? GO LEAFS!

Oh, and Wayde has some pics of Bruce in his Leafs gear up in his gallery.

Here are the quick stats:

Name: Bruce Wayne
Date: April 4, 2003
Time: 2:02am
Weight: 7 lbs 14 1/2 oz
Length: 21 inches

He was delivered by c-section after 18 hours of labor (full birth story on his site), but we are home and doing well now.

And you can bet your ASS I’m going to be back on the ice as soon as I’m healed!!!