Don’t say the “S” word!

Winter hockey is over, for me at least. And maybe the Leafs.

That’s okay though. Those of you who know me, know that’s not going to stop me. 🙂 Usually I play pickup in the summer, and join a regular weekly hockey session, and do a lot of filling in when a goalie is needed. I tend to actually play more in the summer than in the winter.
Wayde and I have joined the Warren Hockey league. We have played together before on the HTHL, but it wasn’t a regular thing, usually just when his team needed a goalie. The guy that runs the league is a former coach of mine, back when I played for the Waterloo Eagles. Great guy, and a great coach. He “refs” this league, and that is a very loose term. It’s basically organized pickup, but with a ref and stats/scoring. There’s not really any icing or off-sides (except when it’s really really off side). The goal of the game is to have fun, keep the puck moving and keep the game going. This is a very Good Thing because that means I’m actually forced to play the puck, and I definitely need that practice.

Our first game was on Sunday and we won 6-1. It would have been 6-0, but someone had to go and say the “S” word. The other team scored with less than two minutes left. It was one of those knuckleballer wobbly shots, and I have a hard time with those. I’ll take a nice wrist shot over that any day. 🙂

You’ve got me all excited.

Thanks to Clark and Steph for commenting on my last entry — now I’m inspired to actually update!

My team played Sarnia last night. They’ve been known to be a really tough team in the past, but they’re not doing as well this year. Key words: “as well”. They’re still in third in the league. We lost 6-0, which is pretty good considering I only had a chance on about 3 of those goals and typically lose by about 8 goals to them.

My friend Nancy is the other goalie for my team. Have I mentioned that I’m playing for the Woodstock Freeze now? Well, if I haven’t, now you know. Special. Anyway, she got injured a few games ago while playing Dorchester. Dorchester is the new “Sarnia” of the league. Hacking, slashing, running up the score. They cheered like crazy after scoring the 6th goal on me. Sheesh. We ended up losing that game 7-3 because we ended up playing 5 on 3 when they had a full penalty box, which allowed us to score 3 goals.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, so Nancy is injured. It totally sucks for her. She’s the most hockey-passionate person I know (aside from myself of course). It looks like she might be out for the rest of the season, too. When she was playing against Dorchester, they ran the net and she twisted her knee. Somehow she managed to play the rest of the game, but ended up with a torn ligament in her knee. Having played goalie for 30+ years, her knees are already a mess. Wish her a speedy recovery. She’s still running her goalie clinics, so I hope that helps.

I just hope I’m like her when I grow up and still retain the love of hockey she has. 🙂

Work is going well. I feel like I might actually be only slightly drowning in work now, but it’s a good thing. There’s always something to learn. And my title is now Network Administrator rather than “Technician”. Woot!



I probably won’t be playing hockey on a team this year. Here’s how it goes down.

Last year I played for the Waterloo Eagles. They’re an AA team in the OWHA. I think we ended up finishing 3rd overall in our league (of 15 teams). Last year I was the only goalie. The goalie that played on the team the previous year was pregnant — something that happens quite often in women’s sports. This year, however, there have been 3 goalies showing up to the “tryouts”. I use the term loosely, you’ll see why in a minute.

The unofficial tryouts, which was a few weeks ago, consisted of an hour of ice time two days in a row. They were “unofficial”, I came to find out later, and I was the only goalie to show up. I was confident that I’d be on the team.

The next week, the “official” tryouts took place. Again, an hour of ice time two days in a row. This time another goalie showed up the first day (the goalie that was on the team the year before), and a third goalie showed up the second day. On the first day, the coach told me that his method of dividing ice time during the season between the goalies is a 2:1 ratio. The primary goalie plays two games out of three and the secondary goalie plays one out of three. Also, both goalies are expected to show up at every game. If we’re playing in Sarnia (2 hour drive from our home ice) then the goalie that is NOT playing is still expected to go.

Now, this is all well and good, I mean, it IS competitive hockey, but most of the women on the team are making time for hockey out of their busy lives. Not everyone has 5 hours to spare to sit on a bench. I like to play competitive because I feel Rec Hockey doesn’t challenge me enough, even though playing competitive requires more commitment.

After the next two tryouts, he tells me he’s extending the tryouts into the next week because he wants to get a feel for the goalies that he doesn’t know. Ok, fair enough I guess.

We go to the tryout on Sunday, all three of us show up. I was talking to him at center ice about the lack of players (there were SIX on the ice) and abundance of goalies and he mentions to me that he had another goalie call him that day about trying out for the team and she was a starting goalie for Wilfrid Laurier University last year.

Then, later, I find out he’s extending the tryouts yet again. Obviously so this other goalie can come try out.

Now, on top of all this, I know I’m not going to make the team. One of the goalies trying out is as good as me or better (from my estimation) so I’m thinking she’ll get first string if the Wilfrid Laurier goalie doesn’t come out. If the WL does come out on Sunday, then it will be between the two of them and I’m out of the picture.

I’ve never felt so unwanted and felt like such a crappy goalie in my LIFE. I couldn’t have been that bad if we finished in the top 5, right?

Now, I’ve been scouring my resources to try to find a halfway-decent team/league for me to be on.

– I’ve sent an e-mail to my buddy that ran the Three Gut Feelings for the Exclaim Hockey League last year, which I played on sporadically, but I haven’t heard back.
– I went down to the University of Waterloo to sign up for their competitive league, but they’re no longer allowing community members to join.
– I’ve sent an e-mail to the team captain for my husband’s team in the HTHL, which I’ve subbed for for the last few years. I can probably sub again, but that’s obviously dependent on goalies not being available.
– My only hope left is that the league at RIM park lets me sign up late for a league there, since the deadline for registration was this Monday.

Oh, well, I guess I can hope I make at least second string for the Eagles so I can travel around Ontario every weekend and sit on a bench while only half my team shows up to play.


At least I’m in good company with the NHLers out there.

Go Leafs!!

I made a bet. My sitter’s hubby is a huge Flyers fan and he has made a bet with me and his step-son. If the Flyers win, I wear a Flyers jersey to work, and if I win he wears a Leafs jersey to work. I know, it’s the tired old bet, but it works. I’ll be ashamed to wear a Flyers jersey. Everyone at work knows I’m a big Leafs fan.

Provincials are over.

I guess I should update on what happened at the provincials. I haven’t got around to it yet because, well, we lost all of our games.

Friday morning, versus Durham West, we lost 3-2. It was a hard fought game. Everyone played well, they just got some lucky goals. Seriously, I’m not making excuses. The first one was kicked in, the second was off of the face-off (I have NO idea how they got over that quickly!) and the third was a scramble in front of the net after I had saved one shot and two rebounds. They were all about putting the goalie in the net though, and it was truly pissing me off. My coach even made it a point to tell me that I played awesome, so I don’t feel to bad about it.

Friday afternoon we played the London Sharks. They’re in our league so we’ve played them twice this year, tied one and lost one. We lost this game too, 3-1. It was another tough game and I still managed to play well, even though my head and neck were killing me from the hits I took in the first game.

Saturday afternoon we played Belleville Bearcats (is that even an animal), who had also played the other two teams we played the day before and beat both of them. We lost 5-2. They scored four goals in the first period. Oh. My. I thought it was going to be a slaughter. I buckled down and gave it my best, my team came back and gave it their best and ended the second period with a score of 5-1. We scored again in the third, making the score a final 5-2.

Even though we lost all of our games, I think we played well in all of them. All of the teams we were playing were AA teams, so the competition was sure to be tough. We hung in there and gave it our best. Played some great hockey and went home. It was fun!

I just took a look at the final results of the tournament and it looks like Dorchester took the silver medal. Crap. We play them tonight in playoffs.

Guelph Storm moves on to the next round.

Game 7 of the first round between the Storm and Owen Sound was tonight. What a good game! The first period was rather boring, but I missed half of it trying to find parking anyway. The game spiced up in the second period with some goals and nice scrums.

I was going to leave with about 5 minutes left to beat the mad rush out the door since the score was 2-0, but Owen Sound scored to make it 2-1. I couldn’t leave with it being so close! Paille scored with about a minute and a half left on a breakaway to make the final score 3-1. What a beautiful goal.

Whistler, next time I go, I’m going to get pictures of Spike, the Storm mascot for you! Every time I see a mascot, I think of you.

Storm vs Rangers

We saw the Guelph Storm whoop the Kitchener Rangers. Well, maybe not quite a whooping, but it was a good game. My company has a booth, so we were able to let Brucie walk around and stuff when he got restless. He was very good considering he normally would have been going to sleep at about the time we left for the game. He didn’t really even nap in the car on the way either, so he was up the whole time. He fell asleep about 5 minutes from home and zonked right out when I got him in his bed.

It was a pretty good game, the Storm won 6-4. There were a couple of fights and a lot of good hits. Guelph seemed to pretty much dominate the game, but maybe I just think that because it was the atmosphere of the home team. The Rangers goalie sucks. Good Lord. He let in two total softies that even I could have stopped. I kidded to one of our friends there that I should go try out for the Rangers. 😀

The last game of the season for the Storm is tomorrow night against Owen Sound. I think we’re going again. And then playoffs, woot!

There’s no glory in winning if you have to cheat.

Eagles vs Dorchester

We lost 3-2. Now, I’m not a sore loser or anything; in fact, I think we played a damn good game. But when the home team waits 10 minutes to get out on the ice, and the game is ended coincidentally after they get ahead by a goal, it makes me boiling mad. We play them again on Sunday and we’re going to kick their asses.