Weight, go away!

I’ve been going to RIM Park and using the new paved trails — they’re great for rollerblading. I got a little adventurous and followed a trail, not knowing where it would lead. It looked like it was going to loop around the golf course, but really it went to about 3/4 of the way and stopped, so I had to skate back. I figure (from the trail map) that the skate I go on is about 5 miles. Wow! It’s a great skate too. I hope it’s not rainy tomorrow morning because I plan on going then. I’ve got 7 lbs to go before I’ve lost all of my pregnancy weight, and then I’d like to lose another 5 on top of that. The skate at RIM park is a great cardio workout. I take my Nomad with me and it’s a blast.

I’m scouting out the area to see if there is any ice time I can pick up during the week. There’s a couple of drop-in sessions around lunch time, but I need to find someone that can watch Bruce for a coupla hours. I’d like to go at least once a week if I can — gotta get back into the groove for next season!

Go Leafs!

We had an awesome day yesterday! After breakfast, we wandered past city hall toward the Eaton Centre and then down Yonge St. We had actually intended to go down Queen Street, but got distracted by the outdoor ice rink in front of City Hall. 🙂

Wayde got a really cool Austrailian rugby jersey.

Best of all, we managed to buy some tickets for the Leafs vs Hurricanes game! Woohoo! The seats were frickin’ awesome. Gold section, row 12, behind the home goal. Dude. It rocked.

We got there during first intermission (which is why we got a great deal on the tix) and the ‘Canes were winning 1-0, but shortly after the 2nd period started the Leafs scored their first goal of the game. Here’s a pic!

They went on to win the game 4-1…I like to think it’s because we showed up. Hehehe.

We got lots of pics with the digicam, including this nice close-up of Sundin about to take a face-off.


Now we’re off to breakfast and checkout. See ya!


I’m back from the long weekend! Did y’all miss me?

It was a great weekend. We just hung out with Ray and Jen all weekend, not doing much, so it was pretty relaxing. For some reason I sleep a whole lot better at other people’s houses than I do at home. I think our bed must just suck the big one. I didn’t sleep for shit last night, but all three days this weekend I didn’t roll out of bed until about 10am or later. Granted, I was staying up a but later, but not that much later.

Jen is about ready to pop! I’m surprised she didn’t go into labor while we were there. I accidentally left my digital camera there so I need to call them to tell them they better use it when the baby is born!

I have stuffs to do, so I better get to it, but I’ll be posting throughout the day today. I just wanted to let my wonderful readers know I’m back. 🙂

Wanna buy a hockey team for a coupla million on ebay? (Link via Thursday)

Random stuff.

Google has a special logo up today for the World Cup kickoff. Speaking of Google, I ordered one of those Google Dilbert mugs — I should be getting it soon!

Pick-up was so much fun last night. I think I’m getting more relaxed in net. I was chatting way more than I usually do — but I was playing worse. I had no concentration. But, that’s what pick-up is for, to have fun. I’ve started working on playing the puck more, and I’m doing ok at it. Out of about 8 or 9 tries last night, I only slightly screwed up twice. I’m gettin’ better. I can certainly tell that playing only once a week is having an effect on my game. I don’t feel as quick or as comfortable in net. But that’s ok too, because it’s the summer and I haven’t really taken a break in 4 years (except for a month here and there) so it’s kinda nice to trim it down a bit.

And warm weather is finally here on a weekend! I don’t believe it!

And just in case I don’t get time to post again today:


Patrick Roy is a clown.

OMG. I just about fell off the couch from laughing so hard when Patty Wah-boy floofed on that goal last night. And “floofed” is being extremely nice.

I’m very glad the Wings won. I paid particular attention to Hasek last night — I’m totally bewildered. I just don’t understand his style! He practically takes a catnap after making the initial save on a shot, and still manages to get a shutout. Wow. I just hope he can do it again in Game 7. 🙂

Why is it that sometime between 2:30 and 4 I get extremely drained…ugh. Maybe it’s because it’s cold in here and my body is tired of pumping blood to my mousing hand. My hand is like ice right now.

Go Leafs!

I haven’t posted in days! Is that some indication that I may have a real life going on, away from the computer? Sadly, no. I’ve spent nearly the last 4 days solid working on that new thingy I was talking about. Ok, not really “solid” but damn close. The good news is that I finally have it working. It should be up within the next few days, depending on how much time I get to work out the details.

Damn those Avs. Rat-bastard Forsberg. Grrr. The Wings will have to win in 7 games now.

And tonight is another big game for the Leafs. They must win tonight, or they’re out. All of the Carolina/TO games have been very close, so I expect tonight’s game will be the same, but please no overtime, my heart can’t take it!! If the Leafs win tonight, they’ll win the next one too and take the series, I’m sure of it.


My first game of the year

My first game…well, wasn’t great. I let in three goals in the first 5 minutes, but at least only one of them was a soft goal. :\ We lost 4-1. It was our first game of the year, I’m sure things will get better.

To make me feel better, I found this cute little wallpaper for my desktop. I got it from Little Miss Springfield – it’s Lisa Simpson in goalie gear. 🙂 Hack the bone! Hack the bone! Hahaha. There are some other interesting ones too, check it out.

I’ve got to go help out at the co-op halloween party, go to a friend’s hockey game, and then go play again at Albert McCormick. I hope I can find some time to rest!

Missed hockey. :(

Random Link of the Day

So I was bored and I went to Random.com. It’s kind of a cool link.

I went down to Detroit last weekend. We visited some friends we haven’t seen in a little while and spent too much money. Oh well.

I actually went down there intending on playing in a hockey game with my old team….buuuuut, that didn’t work out so well. Apparently they don’t have the same home ice as they had last year (you’d think we would have worked that out beforehand!) and I ended up missing most of the game. I didn’t get to play because I was too late in finding out they were at another rink. ARGH!

We (my hubby and his friends) arrived at the wrong rink a little earlier than we expected and ended up waiting there for about an hour and a half. I was nervous the entire time because I knew I wanted to play a really good game…but then when I found out I was at the wrong rink, I just broke. How embarrassing. So there I was sitting on my goalie equipment and crying. Ugh. It was a stress reliever, but still very embarrassing.

Hockey haps.

Heehee, I was just thinking about the “Spam” song from Monty Python. You could say “Blog” to the same tune. Gosh, I’m silly.

I played hockey twice yesterday and once today — and I have an exhibition game tonight. 🙂 I love hockey. I realized that I’m not even getting sore even though I’m playing more hockey. I guess that’s good because that means I’m toning my muscles now instead of developing them.

I’m kinda nervous about the exhibition game tonight with the Bandits. I’ve never been a backup goalie before so I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I’m thinking that maybe the other goalie and I will split the game. That would be fine with me. I just hope I play better than I did last night.

Last night I went into the game (with the Rec team that I’m on) with the feeling that I wasn’t going to do so good. Maybe it was my pessimism that got to me but I DID try. I let in 2 crappy goals, and one good one. What’s worse is that the other team didn’t have a goalie and we won 4-3. They were playing with 3 forwards, 3 defense and no goalie. Even when they told me that before the game I still felt like I wasn’t going to be on my game.

Like I said, hopefully I do better tonight.