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My parrot is a Red Wings fan!

I’ve been trying to catch this on video for ages.  If I say “Who’s your favorite hockey team?”, Felix will sometimes says “Let’s go Red Wings!” and then taps out the rest.  This is just the tapping part. :)

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Bell: How To Alienate the Customer

This is a chat support request with Bell. Bask in the awesomeness.

Vijay (SCI-11624): May I know, do you have BELL business internet account with BELL?
Customer: no, i have a BELL business internet account with ROGERS
Vijay (SCI-11624): I recommend you to contact our BELL business internet department at 1-877-877-SMB (2426)
Customer: SMB = 2426, i guess
Customer: bell, making life better
Vijay (SCI-11624) I recommend you to contact our BELL business internet department at 1-877-877-SMB (2426)
Customer: they don’t have a chat function?
Vijay (SCI-11624) At the moment we don’t have chat support for the same. Customers need to contact them over phone.
Customer: That’s not very helpful.
Vijay (SCI-11624) I do understand. [CustomerName]. We don’t have chat support for business internet department.
Vijay (SCI-11624) So its better you can contact them over phone.
Customer: Not only is it better, it sounds like it’s my only option.

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Only in the Motor City

This truck was parked in the parking lot of the Motor City casino in Detroit. Yes, some one actually drove it.

That’s Jake. Highly amused.

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Dear Mac: The Mystery Letter

I took a Lenovo Thinkpad running Mac OS X to work two weeks ago because I needed to do some work in Omnigraffle. I showed it off to the willing geeks who properly “ooohed” and “aaahed” over it. :D

Later that week I hijacked a Mini Mac from another project in the company (we’re a nearly pure Microsoft/IBM shop) to set it up at my desk and use it for a week or so.

When I returned from Web 2.0 Expo, the following note was stuck to the Mini Mac.

(Mystery Letter)

I still don’t know who wrote it, but I’ve got it pinned up in my cubicle.

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Goalie Humor.

Definitely a must-see. Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie, a short by George Plamondon (link via blindluck) is hilarious – especially if you’re a goalie.

Watching the short reminded me of a SNL goalie drills video I saw a while back that I absolutely loved. It still cracks me up, even after seeing it for the tenth time.

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When your company has one bathroom for 15 women…

…you need to get one of these. Two years ago it was just me in the office. Now every time I go to the bathroom, and of course it’s because I’ve waited so long that I really need to go, it’s locked and I end up doing the Pee Pee Dance out in the hallway. I know I’m not the only one — once I’m in the bathroom, I can usually hear a jiggle of the door handle and a groan from outside the door.

I sure hope we get into the new building soon.

The hazards of a growing company. :)

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The Worst Website Ever.

The Internet Wizard.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Making websites like that, to sell your services no less, should be punishable by death.

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More interesting links.

Two more linkys of goodness.

Tell the chicken what to do.

Please tell me it’s a joke.

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The Anti-Christ.

I just knew there was something wrong with that George Bush guy!

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“Tanks fo yo biznazz.”

I bought a Toronto Maple Leafs watch at Most Wanted in the mall today. At the bottom of the receipt it says,

Tanks fo yo biznazz
No refunds
Exchange only with receipt in
4+3 days ok? Tanks…Peace

Um. Yeah.

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