NHLTweetup: An International Success!

If you follow me on Twitter, you will probably have heard NHLTweetup. Last night was the start of an international event to celebrate the start of NHL Playoffs and the battle for the Stanley Cup. NHL’s thePortal teamed up with fans on Twitter to create an international multi-city celebration with over 20 cities participating.

NHLTweetup origin

NHLTweetup goes international!

The idea was started by @dani3boyz, expanded by @Hockeyskates and quickly backed by @umassdilo (Michael DiLorenzo, Director of Corporate Communications for the NHL). The idea snowballed from there. I registered NHLTweetup.com and quickly set up a site for the organizers to be able to promote and coordinate their local event. Twitter users from the US, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand started organizing their own Tweetup in their local city. The NHL sent goodie bags and prizes to some of the first locations to sign on, and some of the local organizers were able to round up some of their own prizes. The @NHLTweetup account was created to help promote the event, managed by @dani3boyz.

Twitvite.com even set up a special “NHLTweetup” tag on their home page to help people find their local NHLTweetup.

Twtvite.com's Collaboration

Twitter users used the #NHLTweetup hashtag to stay informed of the current happenings surrounding the event. One crafty fan, @kicksave20, used his awesome design skills to create the @NHLTweetup avatar and nametags for the hosts to pass out.

NHLTweetup’s started taking place last night, with NYC being the main location with thePortal sponsoring the event as well as having the Stanley Cup on site! NHLTweetup attendees from all the cities used the Twitpic site to send their live NHLTweetup pictures for everyone to see.

As an organizer, a Twitter user, and a hockey fan it was truly amazing to see everyone come together to make this happen. Thanks to everyone involved!

Pimping my new techie blog – Tips and Tricks

I run an IT services business in Hamilton, Ontario.  One of my current challenges surrounds making contacts and finding work, mostly due to the fact that I’ve just moved to Hamilton and just started the business.  Not to mention I’m not from Ontario and I don’t know a lot of people to start with!

I’m doing several things to get out into the community business-wise.  I’m going to a lot of networking events, getting in touch with local business owners, and contacting local IT companies.  I’m also advertising online in a few places.

That’s not enough.  I was with a large company that raised 160 million dollars due to their strategies building websites; why not take what I learned from there apply what I can to my own business website?  I’m not a marketing major, or even a minor for that matter, but I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and what it takes to be successful (and not!) in the web world.

Let’s combine that with my skills as an IT Goddess.  🙂  I managed a high-availability production environment for over the same highly successful company.  We had clustered web servers, redundant everything, blades, virtualization, you name it!

So, I love technology and I love the web.  One of the things I do when I’m working with technology is keep detailed notes.  When I come across something that’s particularly frustrating or interesting, I keep it filed away for future reference.  Instead of filing it away, I’ve created a tech tips and tricks section for my business website.  It’s basically a blog, and I have a ton of filed away stuff I can put up on it, and it will provide some useful information on my business website.  Having your contact info and what you do is just not enough.

Tech Tips and Tricks at Picobits.com

Home Theater…Focus

I did some minor changes to my husband’s Home Theater blog today. He’s hugely into home theater and is an audiophile snob, so naturally I needed to step in when I felt the web-techie part of the blog needed some work.

I felt the main problems with the /blog were that A) it wasn’t easy to read due to the looooong length of the entries and b) some of the formatting of titles, date entries, and such could be done better.

So this is the result:



Thanks to Wayde for taking the munchkin out for a while so I could work on it. 🙂


I’m working on a site for my team now. The Webguy from the Hi-Tech Hockey League is helping me out by letting me use his web-based stats software. Rock on, Chad, you rule!

I’ve got the logo ready for the header to the site, I just need to send it off to him and get the stats from my coach to upload from our season. At least then we’ll have some content.

Also, not hockey related, I know have a blog for all of my Geek Projects. There’s nothing there yet and I’m using WordPress for the blog.

I’m working on a baby blanket for a friend.

I need to update Brucie’s blog, which I’m gonna do right now.

Oh yeah, and I have to fix pMachine permissions on Wayde’s blog.

And I need to upload pics to the gallery. I have tons.

Ever so slowly…

It looks like I’m slowly getting back into the whole blogging thang. I updated my mommieblogs list (down to the left) the other day and have been visiting them, it’s nice to feel like I’m back in touch with my reads. Not only that, but I’ve actually been updating too. Shhh, I better not say it too loud!

I’ve been itching to get back into my site and at the very least finish doing the Hockey Skins.

I also want to get PHP set up on my web server (which is now W2K3 with IIS 6) so I don’t have to have it hosted anymore. Then I’ll only be limited by my own bandwidth and storage space. It’ll be a pain trying to get PHP and Windows to work together, but I think it would be more of a pain (read: too much of a learning curve) to try to set up Linux on a server and then figure out how to set up websites, and pMachine too. So, for right now, I’ll just deal with Windoze. I have several domains now that I’m basically only using for storage, so I’d like to put them to use.

I also need to work on a web site or two that I might actually — *gasp* — get paid for. Woot!

Hackey Yak Forum

Hey, all you hockey fans! I now have a Hackey Yak Forum for hockey lovers to chat, chide and blast about “hackey”.

I’ve been running an e-mailing list for about 3-4 years now and we have quite a few vocal members. It’s a fun list. We talk about trade rumors, recent games, who sucks, who doesn’t, pretty much anything hockey related. I’ve sent out an announcement to the list letting the subscribers know there’s a new forum, so hopefully it wil lbe well received.

If not, that’s okay. I don’t plan on retiring the e-mailing list.

I wanna learn how to knit.

Why does my blogchalk image not work? Grr.

I want to learn how to knit. I was at the book store last night and was browsing through the craft section for some crochet books. I probably wouldn’t buy one, but I just wanted to see what other kinds of cool projects I can do after the baby blanket is done. I’ve downloaded some neat-o patterns, but just wanted to see what else is out there. Well, there were like five crochet books and a gazillion knitting books. The projects in the knitting books were so cool! They had some contemporary and modern patterns that were, well, kick-ass. But I don’t know how to knit! I don’t even know anyone that does knit, I don’t think. Maybe one of my neighbors knows… The patterns in the crochet books were cute, but none were as cool as the knitting patterns. So, I wonder if I can teach myself to knit.

Let me just add that to my humongo list of things to do.