Walking around Copenhagen (Vacation Part 2)

Spent some time in the casino last night and we met a larger-than-life character, even more lively than Jake, who was entertaining.  While Jimmy (not James!) is probably the most boisterous and happy person on the ship, the assistant casino manager wasn’t too impressed.  Nevertheless, he and J played some heads-up poker against each other and drew a few crowds.

We had a late night, even Bruce stayed up way past his bedtime in the Kids Club. We managed to get up at a fairly decent hour, only shortly after the ship docked at 9.  We got off the ship in Copenhagen with no plans and no cash…just our cameras and us. We ended up walking through Kastallet park to Osterport Station. We bought a few subway tickets and got directions on how to the Christianshavn area of town.

I needed to grab some stuff from a pharmacy and that was a bit of an adventure in itself. We don’t have PIN codes on our credit cards in Canada yet and they didn’t take non-PIN cards. Nor did we have cash. So we had to go find an ATM and pull out a random amount – normally we prepare ourselves with at least a knowledge of the exchange rate! We guessed right. 🙂

We walked down a street (that I’ll have to look up later) and found a nice little cafe for some lunch. It was delicious!


One of the first things I noticed about Copenhagen is the number of bikes. They’re everywhere. It’s obviously the preferred method of transportation. People bring bikes on the subway, too. And most have a cute little basket on the front for carrying stuff. 🙂

Oh, and there is a crazy amount of “hotness”. I swear 75% of the population is beautiful.

We walked around a bit taking pictures.  Even Bruce was taking a lot of pics! The Christianhavns Kanal provided lots of awesome picture taking opportunities.


It looked like it was going to rain and we didn’t bring any rain gear with us so we started to head back to the boat. We successfully navigated our way back to the subway station and hopped on. I wanted to make sure I got a picture of the famous statue, The Little Mermaid, on our way back so we went back through the park.

It’s true what they say, she’s a lot smaller than you think, but she’s not super tiny either. It was a bit difficult getting a picture without anyone in it because she’s actually close enough to touch and even climb up on the rock. But all it takes is a little patience.


Back at the boat, we chilled out by the pool (the sun ended up coming out anyay) and ate some food. We’ll relax for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, the port is Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany. We’ve decided to rent a car and drive into Berlin. We’ll definitely see The Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, not sure what else.


Note: all the pictures are unedited, I’ll have to go back later and do a few digital adjustments.