Hey, an update

No lame excuses for not having my blog updated in, like, forEVER! Okay, scratch that, here are my excuses: I installed Linux on my system and was playing around with that, learning C++ on my own, and redesigning my website. There.

I can’t believe it. I’ve found a site on the web that’s cool, owned by a girl, and she likes hockey! I thought I was the only geek-hockey girl. Hahaha! Well, I don’t know if she actually plays hockey and I doubt she’s a goalie so I’ll still consider myself truely unique for the time being. 🙂

Link O the Day :: digifox.org

Um. People need to learn how to drive in snow.

It has been snowing all day! Normally I love the snow, but I absolutely hate driving in it. Unless there’s no one else on the road and you know how often that happens…

When I got up this morning and drove to the gym, the roads sucked. Bad. And then, later on, I had to drive to the other side of town. I thought they would have salted the roads by then but nooooooo. On the way back there was this stupid ASSHOLE so far up my ass I couldn’t see his headlights. I came up to a red light and when it turned green I had to drive up a hill, but I couldn’t get traction no matter how gently I gassed it, and the stupid fucker was STILL up my ass. God, I wanted to get out and strangle him. (Uh, oh, road rage!)

What the hell is wrong with people? Okay, there is snow on the road and it’s slippery. Is it safe to drive like Mario Andretti in a 4×4 and tailgate? Think, people!!!

And to lift my spirits, here is auite possibly one of the funniest sites I’ve ever seen: CHICKENHEAD – now fortified with corn!

The Price is Right

Can you believe that The Price is Right is still on TV? I remember watching TPIR when I was as young as 4 years old!

It’s got to have the record for the longest running game show. How do they do that? I certainly don’t see “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” running for less than half that long.

I looked it up and TPIR premiered on CBS on Sept. 4, 1972. Wow! that’s 3 years and 1 day before I was even born!


Okay so I’m a slacker and I’ve been slacking. It’s my job, what do you expect? I’ll touch on a few subjects just so nothing gets left out.

I spent a few hours today reloading my system. Wheeee, what fun. Now I have WinME installed and it’s working just fine. I had to wait for my ISP to come out with an Access Manager that would work with WinME. They did, and here I am.

Holy crap, have you seen what’s going on in Buffalo? They got like two feet of snow the night before and they were supposed to get another 12 to 15 inches last night. K-razy. We got snow here in Waterloo, but they got really dumped on.

Ugh, this presidential thing has just about made me hate politics even more — as if that was possible. I don’t even want to talk about it. Just tell me if they fuck it up, okay? No wait, don’t even do that.

I took my dog out for a walk in the field near my apartment today. He loves going to the field so he can sniff around for all the little creatures that live in it. Today there it was snow covered and he was bouncing around in the snow. You woulda thought he was an oversized rabbit if you could’ve seen him. Hahaha! He’s funny. He was burying his head in the snow so far that I couldn’t see it anymore!

Funny Link O the Day today: Hecklers.com: Interactive Comedy!

He speaks!

I finally taught my dog how to speak. It really didn’t take very long to teach him but I didn’t think he would learn it very easily. Boy was I wrong!

Porter doesn’t bark a lot. In fact, he only barks when he gets really excited or when there’s other dogs around. And even then, he’s not constantly barking. So I wasn’t sure if teaching him to “speak” would go over well.

But now he does it…but only if I have a treat in my hand.

Teaching Your Dog to “Speak”

No kids for me.

I don’t want kids. At least I know I don’t want any right now, nor within the next year or so. I’m 25 years old and I thought when I was younger, according to the timetable I dreamed about my future, that I would have a child by now. But now that I’m 25 and I’m living the life I am, which is not an exciting or glamorous life, I still don’t feel I want kids.

Other people have kids and that’s fine. But why does society make you feel guilty about not wanting kids? If I did want to have a child, I would be congratulated on having a (hopefully) healthy baby. I’ve never actually been directly told I should have children — Lord have pity on the person who does say that to me. But I do feel guilty even so.

Nearly everyone I know has at least one kid. So no one has time to “hang out” with me…even if they knew me they wouldn’t have time because they’ve got work, kids, a husband, a LIFE. Which is pretty ironic considering one of the reasons I don’t want to have kids is because I don’t want to not have a life.

The other day my husband and I were in a restaurant to have some lunch. We were seated in a booth next to a table with a girl and two women. Now the girl looked like she was about 10 years old or so but one of the women, I’m assuming her mother, was coddling her a bit more — way more — than she should have been.

I didn’t think much of it when we first sat down. I thought maybe she was just an extremely overprotective mother. I don’t have kids, so who am I to say what she’s doing is right?

Well, halfway through our lunch the girl suddenly stood up, turned around to face our table and launched herself at a Coke on our table. Yikes!! Where the Hell did that come from? Apparently she was retarded (oh sorry, mentally handicapped) and really wanted that drink.

My point is that her mother was extremely patient with her. I don’t know if I could do that. I mean, having a kid is one thing and requires lots of patience, but adding some sort of physical or mental handicap makes it a lot harder. I know, I know, some would say that you have to have the patience and you’d just acquire it and get used to it, but I don’t know.

I don’t see me changing my mind anytime soon. I don’t want to give up hockey. I don’t want to give up time with my husband. I don’t want to be broke. I don’t want to have to worry if my kid is growing up too fast, like they do now… I don’t want to go into labor, it sounds way too scary for me. I don’t want to have a 14 year old kid in 2014, can you imagine what he/she would be like in a society 14 years from now? I don’t want to grow up, or give up anything I have now. I’m very very happy with what I have now, why would I want to change it?

Just Say No To Children

Jucifer, the band from Maryland

I finally got the CD I was waiting for. My friend in Maryland (they pronounce it “Merlin” there) sent me an album by her brother’s band, Jucifer. When she said “band” I was thinking three or four guys that play…wrong! It’s a two-person band, a guy and a girl. That is so cool.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to much of it yet, but I’ve been reading reviews on them. I did a search on Google for “Jucifer” and there are lots of reviews and interviews out there. I haven’t read one bad review…I’m looking forward to fully checking out the album!!

Jucifer Official Homepage

Sick. And it sucks.

What did people do before antibiotics? Did the problem go away eventually or what? I can’t believe that something isn’t going to go away without antibiotics.

I only say this because I don’t have any health care coverage right now and I NEED to go to the doctor to get antibiotics. I’ve had this problem for over a week now and it isn’t going away. It’s frustrating as hell. I would be able to go to an Urgent Care clinic, but I’m completely broke and can’t pay for it, nor do I know how much it’s going to be.

I’m miserable. I’m an American that’s visiting in Canada, and I’m not covered under my husband’s health coverage because he gets the provincial health care coverage. Dammit, I hate being broke. And I hate being sick.

The worst web page I have ever seen. If you can call it that.

Alone all day.

I can tell that I’m getting more comfortable with being at home alone all day. I’ve always been a little leery of talking to myself when I’m alone, it makes me feel like I might be insane. But recently I’ve taken to talking to the dog. 🙂 It’s a little silly but he likes it. The other day I was singing to him while I did the dishes. I think he liked the attention and I think he’s the only person in the world that can tolerate my singing voice. Or maybe it’s just because he’s captive.

Doggie link of the day: Bad Dog Chronicles