8 Annoying Oversights Arena Designers Make

Normally I detest top X lists, but I started making this one in my head tonight as I parked in an arena for a late game, and I figured it would be a fun post for a Friday. 🙂

1. The parking lot is 5 miles from the front door. Seriously, hockey players and especially goalies have to carry a lot of crap all the way from the automobile to the door. There’s a reason a ton of hockey bags have wheels now, but that doesn’t make it okay to require us to walk to the arena from Timbuktu. And wheels suck in the snow.

2. The doors are “regular” size. Dude, hockey bags don’t fit through doors very easily. Oversized doors and/or working sliding doors are an amazing invention. Use them!

3. Stairs between the ice and the change room. (OMG, I have become Canadianized, I don’t say “locker room” anymore!) Believe it or not, I’ve seen this on a few occasions. And one arena near Waterloo, Ontario actually super narrow stairs with a turn-around in the middle of the flight of stairs. Try getting through there with goalie equipment on. I’m 5′ tall and it’s a squeeze.

4. No visible board for change room numbers. Even worse is when they make you give your keys for a room key, and it’s a late game, so the attendant is no where to be found when you need to get your keys back.

4. No bar. For Pete’s sake, this should be a requirement!

5. No benches or viewing area. If it’s a super-cold rink, the very basic glass dividing the foyer and the rink is much appreciated by fans.

6. Boards that are ridiculously high — not suitable for jumping over. There’s an arena (in London, Ontario I think) that, I kid you not, the boards come nearly up to my neck. Not only that, but the doors are half the size of normal. Line changes are not swift.

7. Tiny change rooms. You have to have enough to fit 10-15 hockey players and their equipment.

8. I saved the best for last. Only a urinal in the change room. No toilet. I’m not kidding. Almost as bad is when there’s no door!

I’m sure there are more. Feel free to add your own!

Political Campaigns.

I have a difficult time with politics. I can never follow it and don’t know enough about history and even current events to make sense of it. This I do know, placing 30-40 small signs 5 feet apart along the side of a street will NOT make me want to elect/vote the advertiser.

I can’t even explain why it bugs me, but it does. I guess it’s because it’s a waste of resources AND it clutters up the environment. I hate advertising period, it’s just not necessary to bombard me (and everyone else) along with it. One sign I could see, but not dozens.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My neighbor likes these three songs:

1. Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me
2. Bryan Adams – All For One
3. Enigma – Sadeness Part I

And she repeats them over, and over, and over… I swear, every time she puts on music, these three songs are the only ones she has in her CD player (or whatever). It’s really quite annoying.

It could be slightly worse. Last summer I remember an annoying rap song playing on repeat — literally for hours. I could only hear the baseline through the wall. Yes, it was awful. I still know the beat and can hear it in my head when I think about it. Gack.