Waterloo Eagles vs. Port Stanley Whatevers

We tied yesterday 3-3. Two of the goals on me were on breakouts. One of them shoudld NOT have been a goal, but the ref was a dumbass. Typically they blow the whistle when the team that has a delayed penalty call on them touches the puck. But I guess this ref didn’t know that and let the opposing team get two shots on goal. Hrmph. The last goal was a power play goal for them.

It was a good game though. It’s really nice to be on a team with so many talented players.

Next week we’re playing in Sarnia. Sarnia has one of the best teams in the league and usually it really sucks to drive 2 1/2 hours one way to get your ass kicked. But I’m hoping it won’t be an ass-kicking this time. I wish it was a little later in the season so I’d have a few games under my belt, but I’ll manage. We’ll manage.

Oh yeah, I made the AA team. But I’m sure you guessed that already. Yay!!